Lamkin Grips – Stan Utley Series

We worked with ASO Advertising and Lamkin Grips on this video series featuring Stan Utley. We had a very ambitious 2 day schedule due to talent availability. In the end we creating 8 videos in this series and 5 product videos. We’re always up for a challenge but with every challenge is looking back and seeing where we could’ve used extra time, better weather, more crew, and so many other things.



Stan Utley EP02: Freeing Up the Swing

Stan Utley EP04: Chipping

Stan Utley EP06: Feedback

Stan Utley EP03: Cord Grips

Stan Utley EP05: Grip Pressure


Lindsey’s Lasik

We worked on this video project with Walman Eye Center in early 2020. It was great to work with a client who wanted to try something new and focus on one individual’s journey to get Lasik. As a result, we were able to capture Lindsey’s experience from beginning to end.

Shot on the ARRI ALEXA LF. Learn more about about our rental options.