About Us

We believe that by working with the best brands and individuals, we can make an impact on how people view the world. VISION5 Inc. emerged from the belief that uniting skilled filmmakers enhances every facet of storytelling and production. We prioritize collaboration and the utilization of diverse talents and expertise to elevate every production.


Is to inspire people through our cinematic storytelling, staying true to our roots and commitment to empowering others.


Is to excel globally in crafting impactful cinematic ads, narrative features, and documentaries. We seek collaborations with brands open to challenging perspectives and telling transformative stories. We're dedicated to working with passionate individuals who value empowerment and creating positive change.


Guides our storytelling approach, consistently aiming to shift perspectives through film. Life's intricacies and misrepresentations motivate us to reveal the unseen aspects of each narrative.

Meet the Team

James Bustamante

Director / Producer

Ron Harrison

Director / Producer